Split Reinforcing Sleeve

Split Repair Sleeve are widely for making repairs to a variety of high or low pressure and high or low temperature pipeline, including oil, water, gas, steam and chemical process. The clamp halves are joined by bolts to form a high integrity pressure vessel around the damaged or leaking pipe.
Sealing is provided by molded elastomer seals of the highest quality selected for compatibility with the pipe line product & operation temperature. The Split Repair Sleeve may also be welded after installation to turn out a permanent seal if conditions justify the additional expense.
Split Sleeve Repair Clamps are an essential part of our suite of pipeline integrity products. Available in a wide variety of sizes, ratings and arrangements, the clamp product line can be supplied independently or as an add-on to larger repair systems
Split Sleeve Repair Clamps add a new dimension to your temporary and permanent repair work on pipelines. They are used to repair both high and low pressure and temperature pipelines — offshore and onshore – carrying oil, gas, steam, chemical process and water. Click here for API 5L Pipe Sleeve.

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Its unique construction means repairs can be made while the line continues on-line, and they’re designed for fast and easy installation. Once the Split Sleeve Repair Clamp is bolted in place, the seal is complete.
The standard clamps are rated to 1000 psig of design pressure with Buna-N as sealing material, but Split Sleeve Repair Clamps can be custom-made to different pressure ratings and sealing lengths to meet your requirements.
Split Sleeve Repair Clamp (SSRC) is an economical, bolt-together tting consisting of two halves which is designed to allow both temporary and permanent repairs to damaged pipelines. The SSRC clamp halves are joined by means of nearly tangential bolting, in such a manner as to produce a high integrity pressure vessel around the affected area of the damaged pipeline.
Primary sealing is provided by the highest quality molded elastomer seals appropriately selected for compatibility with the pipeline’s product, its environment, and the operating temperature range. The elastomeric sealing is accomplished via compression of two circumferential and two intersecting longitudinal packing seals, which, upon full compression, form a continuous pressure barrier. Seal material is retained in the seal grooves by utilization of a “pre-compressed seal tension groove” design. This allows simplied replacement of the seals in the eld thereby eliminating expensive factory seal replacements.
The clamps are fully compensatory pressure vessels, hydrostatically tested to 1.3 times the rated working pressure (as per ASME Section VIII Div.1 clause UG-99) All Clamps are equipped with a 1” NPT vent port.