Heat Shrink Repair Sleeve

Pipe Wall Sleeves are an option to create a hole penetration in a concrete wall. They are placed into the frame before pouring, and leave a clean hole. A water stop ring is provided. The Wall Sleeves have pipes and conduit running through them that can be sealed with the RELI GALVANIZED SLEEVE product.
RELI GALVANIZED sleeves provide a corrosion-resistant sealing surface for pipes penetrating oors, walls, foundation, or any concrete barrier. The sleeves, offered in galvanized steel, include a 2” water-stop to provide both stability and protection against moisture penetrating the wall. The steel is readily available from stock in 2” through 30” diameter sizes at 12” lengths. Custom lengths and sizes are available upon request.
Galvanized wall sleeve suitable for concreting or bricking in. They are supplied in standard lengths of 400 mm and can be easily trimmed to the wall thickness on site. Galvanized wall sleeves are made of welded or seamless steel pipes. They are galvanized to protect them against corrosion. Other corrosion protection measures are available upon request (e.g. electrostatic powder coating).