Girth Weld Sleeve

Reli Sleeve provides a variety of alternatives to pipeline maintenance needs. The girth weld sleeve is one such option. With the girth weld sleeves, repairs can be made without shutting down the pipeline. We manufacture girth weld sleeves of all sizes, wall thickness, and grades of steel plates which are to ASTM certications as well as a longitudinal edge. Various grades and types of girth weld sleeves are manufactured by customizing as per client’s specication. Depending on the requirements of the customer, girth weld sleeves can be made from 4 available grades of steel. For instance, for leaking & non-leaking defects, pressure-rated steel sleeves are used whereas structural grade steel sleeves are used for reinforcement for a defective area.

In the recent past, mishaps caused by low quality girth weld sleeve defects have relatively risen. The failure of girth weld is mostly fracture. It is an efcient way to avoid risks involved with girth weld sleeves to nd the hidden trouble of girth weld and repair it in time before the failure. The type b girth weld sleeves is an effectual way to restore the girth weld defects. However, quite a few works have been carried out on the reliability verication and engineering practice of girth welds by our experts. Hence, we can claim with pride that we provide sturdy, high quality girth weld sleeve for multiple uses.