Full Encirclement Steel Sleeve

Reli Sleeve offers a complete line of full encirclement steel sleeve that allow pipeline owners and operators to secure defective sections of pipe that are cracked, corroded (internally or externally), dented, damaged, or leaking. The product is a metal wrap positioned around the pipe for reinforcement and to maintain the pressure within. The full encirclement steel sleeve is manufactured by welding together two half sleeves around pipe. These Full encirclement steel sleeve are only permitted to be installed on pipe having a wall thickness between 0.188 and 0.750 inches. 

Full encirclement steel sleeve have been broadly used in the past as a method for mending defects in onshore pipelines. They are probable to have a nite time to failure when they have a usage to repair defects in pipelines subjected to high amount of cyclic pressurization. Hence, Reli Sleeve manufactures the most reasonable best grade Full encirclement steel sleeves of all sizes, wall thickness, and grades of steel plates which are to ASTM certications . 

Full Encirclement soles and sleeve are widely accepted for repair, restoring and maintaining the serviceability of damaged or defective pipeline. Repairing your pipeline becomes an easier, more efcient operation when RELI-SLEEVE’S Full Encirclement Soles and Sleeve are used. You can depend on additional savings, as it is easier to install RELI-Soles and Sleeves. Our quality control process insures that most consistent and highest quality available in the pipeline industry today